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Greg Barron
1947 - Born Waikato, New Zealand
1966 - Studied Industrial Design at Wellington Polytechnic
1972 - Began working as a Potter with Mirek Smisek at Te Horo and later                with Yvonne Rust at Parua Bay, Northland
1973 - Established workshop at Onekaka, Golden Bay. 1979 moved to                      Northland, first to Kaeo and 1987 to  Kerikeri
1993 - Set up a studio at  "The Quarry" and was appointed Director of the                Northland Craft Trust
1995 - Selected and toured China as part of an assisted Cultural                                Exchange Scheme
2000 - Nominated by NZ Society of Potters as "Touring Potter" and                            presented workshops to groups throughout New Zealand
2001 - Assisted by "Creative NZ" grant, spent 3 months in China on a                      "Workshop and Research Study Tour"
2002 - Established the "Glenbervie Pottery" and Gallery in rural                                 Whangarei where he lives and works with his wife Jin Ling
2008 - Took part in international exhibition at the Shanghai Art and
             Craft Museum then travelled to Xian to participate in the 43rd                        Conference of the International Academy of Ceramics
2014 - Funding from Create North, Intership for Hana Easton 3 month                       work experience
2017 - Interview with Channel North Television

                      Whangarei  Art Museum
                       James Wallace Trust
                       Portage Trust
                       Ron Sang Collection
                       Shanghai Craft Museum
                       Australasian Museum - Fuping, China

1998 - Merit Award at "Birkenhead Licensing Trust Annual Pottery                           Award"
              Merit Award  at "Cleveland Ceramic Art Award"
1999 -  Merit Award  at  "Norsewear Art Award"
              Second Prize at "Manukau Vessel and Sculpture Exhibition"
2000 - First Prize   at  "New Zealand Society of Potters Royal Easter                          Show Pottery Award"
              Second Prize at "Franklin Arts Festival Ceramic Award"
2002 - Merit Award at "NZ Potters 10th Easter Show and National 
2006 - Merit Award at "Auckland Studio Potters Annual Exhibition"
2007 - Merit Award at "Portage Ceramic Awards", Lopdell House Gallery
             Merit and Highly Commended Award at "ASP Exhibition"
2010  -Merit Award at "Portage Ceramic Awards", Lopdell House Gallery
             Double Merit Award at "ASP Annual Exhibition 
2013 - Judges Commendation Award at "Celebtating Ceramics"   NZ                         Potters  National Exhibition
2015 - Merit Award at "Waiclay National Ceramics Exhibition 2015"
             Merit Award at "NZ Potters Annual Exhibition"
2016 - Premier Award at "Imerys National Tableware Exhibition"
             Awarded Peters Valley Scholarship at "Portage Ceramic Award
2017 - Creative New Zealand funding granted for travel to NJ , USA to
              attend Peters Valley School of Craft Residency.
              NZ Potters Inc, National Tableware Exhibition 2017
                Selectors Commendation.
2018 - Quarry Arts Centre, Open Ceramics Award 2018.
               Premiere Award, judge : Peter Lange.
2019 - Auckland Studio Potters, "Fire and Clay" CCG Premiere Award.

Selected Exhibitions
1998 - "Fletcher Challenge International Ceramics Art Award
1999 - "Sydney Myer Fund International Ceramics Award" Australia
             "Eighteenth Gold Coast Internationl Ceramic Art Award" Australia
2000 - Guest Exhibitor at "All Fired Up" Auckland Studio Potters Annual                  Exhibition
2001 - Exhibitor at "Hsu Arts Gallery International Ceramics Exhibition"                  Beijing China
             Guest Artist at "Wellington Potters Association Annual Exhibition"
2005 - "Portage Ceramic Awards" Lopdell house Gallery
2006 - Ron Sang Gallery Annual Exhibition
              "Portage Ceramic Awards" Lopdell house Gallery
2007 - Selector/Guest Exhibitor at New PlymouthPotters Inc Annual                        Exhibition
2008 - "International Biennial Art Exhibition" Shanghai Arts and Craft                      Museum
              "Portage Ceramic Awards"
2012 -"Art Practice" Whangarei Art Museum. This exhibition travelled on                 to "Bowen House Gallery" within the parliamentry complex                             Wellington 
2013 - "Portage Ceramic Awards"
2014 - "Portage Ceramic Awards"
              2015 - NZ Potters Incorporated "Ceramics 2015" celebrating 50                     years at   Auckland Museum
              Guest Exhibitor at Bethlehem Pottery Club 32nd Annual                                   Exhibition
2015 - "Portage Ceramic Awards"
2016 -  Guest Exhibitor at "Anam Cara Exhibition"  Otaki 
             "NZ Sculpture Onshore Exhibition" Supporting NZ Women's                             Refuges   Auckland
              "Portage Ceramic Awards" Te Uru, Waitakere Contemporary Gallery
2017 - Portage Ceramic Awards. Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery.
2018 - Portage Ceramic Awards. Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery
2019 - Portage Ceramic Awards. Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery
               Waiclay National Ceramics Award 2019  - Waikato Art Museum.
               Auckland Studio Potters, "Fire and Clay" Premiere Award.
2020 - "Uku" Clay Hawkes Bay 2020.
               Aukland Studio Potters, "Fire and Clay 2020"
               Quarry Arts Centre, "Open Ceramics Award 2020"

2021 - Portage Ceramic Awards, Te Uru, Waitakere Contemporary Gallery
               Quarry Arts Centre "Open Ceramics Award"
               Waiclay National Ceramics Award  2021.
2022 -  "Portage Ceramic Awards"  Te Uru, Waitakere.
               Quarry Arts Centre, "Open Ceramics Award"
                "Uku Clay" Hawkes Bay 2022
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